I’ve Never Seen “Stranger Things”, So I Decided To Watch The First And Last Episode And Nothing In Between



– So I’ve gone back and forth on whether I think Will’s dead or not but you know what, I think he’s still alive. I reckon he might come back brainwashed or have some kind of telekinesis ability like Eleven.

– I’m also fairly certain the boys will take Eleven under their wing, and they’ll end up forming some kind of group that’ll take all of this into their own hands.

– I think they’ll discuss theories, come up with strategies, and end up fighting these demo… things with the help of Will once he’s back on the scene. 

– I also think their parents will be those typical oblivious parents in movies that have no idea of the danger their kids put themselves in. But hey, it’s the ’80s.

– Ooh also, I think we’ll be introduced to more characters like Eleven who have been experimented on in the lab (because if she’s number 11, how many of them actually are there?). 

– Then the others that are like Eleven will each have different powers or whatever, and work with the group of kids to fight these things. Oh, and they’ll have to be on the run from the lab guys. I don’t like the lab guys.

– I’m also waiting for something to happen with Steve and Nancy. But I think it’s too early to see how that one will pan out right now. 

– Oh also I think more people will go missing. Like maybe Steve. And Ethel from Riverdale

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