Jameela Jamil On Abortion Rights On The View


Joy Behar commended the actor for speaking out publicly about her abortion and asked how she felt about Republicans’ latest attempt to roll back women’s rights.

In case you missed it, Lindsey Graham proposed a bill this week that would nationally ban abortions after 15 weeks.

“I’m horrified by it,” Jameela responded. “I’m deeply saddened. It’s such a personal thing.”

“I’m with Stacey [Abrams] all the way that this is a medical decision. And statistics show people do not make this flippantly. And people do not use abortion as a form of birth control.”

Then, the 36-year-old shared her own story.

“When I had my abortion, it’s because I used a condom, and it broke. And then I took the morning-after pill within six hours, which is way before the end of when you’re supposed to take it. And because I was over 175 pounds, it didn’t work on me. And the pharmacist didn’t tell me that. That’s not general knowledge: if you’re over a certain weight, it’s less effective.”

“That’s not my fault,” she continued. “I shouldn’t have to give up the rest of my life, or risk my life, or maybe die because contraception made by men failed.”

“Our whole society is gonna collapse if this happens. If we force millions more people into a world where we have no baby formula, not enough access to healthcare, not enough access to education, not enough access to shelter…The cost of living crisis. The housing crisis. We are already way up over our heads.”

“So if we are forcing millions of people into this world, we as a society – whether you are right, whether you are left, whether you are ‘pro-life’ or not – it doesn’t matter. You will all suffer the consequences of a crowded, broken political, healthcare, and education system,” she concluded.

You tell ’em, Jameela! Thank you for sharing your story and using your platform to speak up for abortion rights.

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