Jason Momoa Showed Off His New Large Head Tattoo


Jason Momoa is somewhat of a shape-shifter.

And by “shape-shifter,” I’m just talking about how different he looked in his Baywatch days in the early 2000s.

No, really, I’m obsessed and try to use these pictures in every BuzzFeed article I can.

Now, at 43, he’s still extremely attractive.

He said he did it to raise awareness for single-use plastic bottles.

“I’m tired of these plastic bottles,” he said. “We gotta stop. Plastic forks, all that shit. It just goes into our land. It goes into our ocean. I’m here in Hawai’i right now and just seeing things in our ocean — it’s just so sad.”

But now it appears there’s a whole other reason why.

It was to get a very large head tattoo.

Mr. Momoa revealed his new head tat while he was boarding a flight to New Zealand.

“I got something special for you,” he says walking up to his flight to New Zealand.

He takes off his hat to reveal his new head tat.

TMZ were told by his reps, “the head and neck tats honor Jason’s Hawaiian roots and culture.”

Pretty cool! But damn that had to have hurt real bad.

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