Jennifer Coolidge Viral Emmys Red Carpet Moment


Jennifer Coolidge is, without a doubt, one of the most underrated comedic geniuses of all-time.

She’s been consistently one of the funniest people in the entertainment industry for the past 30 years.

She’s also hilarious off-screen, like she genuinely seems like a funny + cool person.

Last night, she won her FIRST Emmy award.

Really, she had never won before!

That’s right! The #Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie goes to @JenCoolidge for The White Lotus (@HBO/@HBOMax)! 🪷🧖‍♀️ #Emmys #Emmys2022

Twitter: @TelevisionAcad

It was really a cute moment.

But I would like to talk about another moment that is on the verge of going viral…

It’s this moment from an Access Hollywood interview where she was asked who she would “shoot her shot” with at the Emmys:

Access Hollywood/ Twitter: @evanrosskatz

“Is there someone you have your eye on in there? If you could shoot your shot with anyone in there who would it be?”

“Well, I was very excited about somebody. I can’t say their name, but I found out today he’s dead.”

I don’t know why, but I’ve watched it 20 times and it gets better every time.

Thank you for that, and I can’t wait for White Lotus Season 2 <3

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