Joshimath Sinking: Asia’s Longest Joshimath-Auli Ropeway In Danger, 678 Number Of Unsafe Buildings


Asia’s biggest Joshimath-Auli ropeway is also in danger due to landslide. The situation is that one tower of the ropeway is in an area declared unsafe by the administration, due to which apprehensions about the ropeway have also increased.

The Joshimath-Auli ropeway has also been affected by the landslide in Joshimath. Where the administration has declared four wards as unsafe, Manohar Bagh ward is also there and a number tower of ropeway is installed here. Ropeway manager Dinesh Bhatt says that the tower of the ropeway is being regularly monitored every day. At present, there is no crack in the farm where the tower is located.

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The cracked farm is some distance away. In view of the security, the administration has stopped the operation of the ropeway. Please tell that the distance of this ropeway from Joshimath to Auli is about four km, in which 10 towers are installed. It takes 15 minutes to reach Auli from Joshimath by ropeway. Ropeway remains the first choice of tourists to reach Auli.

The number of unsafe buildings is continuously increasing in Joshimath city. 75 more buildings were marked on Monday. A total of 678 buildings have been identified so far. The local administration and a team of experts have declared these buildings unsafe for habitation.

Now the administration has to vacate these houses soon so that people can be shifted to safer places. On Monday, 13 families were given shelter at safe places. So far, cracks have appeared in 678 houses out of 12,398 houses located in the city. On the other hand, the administration team is engaged in the task of identifying those houses which are completely unsafe to live in. The government has given instructions to complete this work by conducting a survey in the next two days.

So far 81 families have been shifted to safer places. Of these, 68 families were displaced till Sunday, while 13 families were displaced on Monday. Here, Secretary Disaster Management Dr. Ranjit Sinha says that the first priority is to take people to safe places. Instructions have been given to the local administration in this regard.

There are cracks in these buildings

Ward Name No. of Buildings

Gandhinagar 134

Municipality Marwari 35

Lower Bazar 31

Singhdhar 72

Manoharbagh 101

Upper Bazar 36

sunil 53

parsari 55

Ravigram 161

total 678

Displaced families have been accommodated here

No. of Temporary Resident Households

Municipal Complex 18

Primary School Joshimath 04

Gurudwara Joshimath 09

Irrigation Department Colony 01

Tourist Hostel, Manoharbagh 02

Rajiv Gandhi a. v. 01

Primary School Singhdhar 03

Hotel Shailja 03

Hotel Shriman Palace 05

Vivek Lodge 03

Hotel Sapphire 02

Hotel Dronagiri 07

Kali Kamli Dharamshala 04

Hotel Amen 06

In other buildings/at relatives-13

Total – 81