Judd Apatow Says Maude Apatow Never Takes His Advice


So, when E! asked Judd what advice he’s given Maude for Euphoria, he replied, “No advice. She doesn’t ask for it.”

“I’m giving it constantly and then it’s just ignored — and then she succeeds and that makes me think, ‘I guess the advice was just unnecessary.'”

As for what advice Judd is giving, he added, “Pack a lunch. You’re going to get hungry.”

For what it’s worth, Maude did say earlier last month that she does follow Judd’s advice. “My dad always told me acting is tough because you never know what’s going to come next,” she said, explaining how her dad would provide feedback on her writing. “He always encouraged me to write.”

Meanwhile, Judd has had to grapple with some folks discovering who he is via Maude’s work. Back in March, he explained on The Last Laugh podcast, “I went online and I looked at my Twitter feed and I saw that my name was trending and the first tweet was something like ‘Judd Apatow is Maude’s dad?!'” Then someone else was like, ‘Who the fuck is Judd Apatow?’”

Given that Judd is unlikely to provide feedback on my writing anytime soon, I’ll take the packed lunch advice!

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