Julia Fox Talks About Being Neurodivergent


Besides serving iconique, one-of-a-kind looks on Instagram, Julia Fox is actually super active on TikTok.

And this week, the actor answered a question from a fan who asked, “Can you make a video about navigating your career while being neurodivergent?”

For those of you who don’t know, WebMD defines neurodivergent — or “neurodiversity” — as a “concept that certain developmental disorders are normal variations in the brain. And people who have these features also have certain strengths… Besides ADHD, neurodiversity commonly refers to people with autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and other learning disabilities.”

“It’s been very difficult. I have bouts of great productivity, where I’m on the top of the world and just feeling I’m invincible,” Julia said.

“And then I have moments of deep, deep, deep stagnant type of feeling like I can’t just fucking move,” Julia said.

“I’ve never really talked about it. ADHD is really tough. I have a little bit of OCD, which I just realized was OCD because I used to count the number of letters inside of words inside my head and I’d always want them to reach to 10,” she said.

“If I’m not smoking weed, I’m literally counting,” Julia continued. “So, the weed quiets down the OCD, but it does not help with the productivity issue with the ADHD.”

“Ugh, it’s just too much!” she joked.

Aw, I love Julia’s refreshingly open dialogue about these topics. You can watch her talk about parenting, post-partum depression, and more — here on her TikTok.

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