Justin Bieber revisits past beef with Charlie Puth in a new video; WATCH

Justin Bieber revisits past beef with Charlie Puth in a new video; WATCH

In a recent Instagram post, the Baby singer Justin Bieber was all shades of playful chumminess with Charlie Puth and fans are here for it! The Grammy Award winner posted a minute-long video featuring a ROLF-ing The Kid LAROI and a very confused Charlie Puth. In the clip, the singers were seen revisiting a past supposed beef from 2016.

The Kid LAROI passed Justin the phone with Charlie on call, as the video began, and Justin jumped right into mischievously accusing Puth of cussing him on stage. The Sorry singer demanded an explanation and said, “We never really got to talk about years ago when you said ‘f**k you’ [on] stage to me,” Bieber then added, “I don’t think it’s very funny, to be honest.” Charlie guessing that this had to be a prank started laughing and replied, “That was a joke.” 

Justin continued to egg Puth on and added, “It hurt my feelings.” To this Charlie straightened up and replied, “Bro, you can’t be serious. That wasn’t real. That was a thing that got completely blown out of proportion. I was being completely sarcastic” The Kid Laroi failing to suppress his laughter continued to signal Justin in the background. “I also can’t tell if you’re joking right now,” added a puzzled Puth.

Watch Justin Bieber revisit his past beef with Charlie Puth below: 

Bieber soon broke character and laughter erupted in the background. The beef Justin mentioned in the video was related to a performance Charlie put on in 2016. While singing his hit single We Don’t Talk Anymore which featured Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, Charlie had cussed Justin out on stage in the middle of the song. At the time, Charlie was rumoured to be dating Gomez and his actions were taken as an attack towards Bieber leading to him publishing an official apology on his social media.

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