Karan Johar's twins Roohi & Yash give a cute twist to Gehraiyaan's Doobey song; WATCH

Karan Johar's twins Roohi & Yash give a cute twist to Gehraiyaan's Doobey song; WATCH

There is no doubt that ever since Gehraiyaan has been released, it become the talk of the town, and its songs are being heard on repeat by the entire Gen Z. It turns out even the kiddos have taken quite a liking to the fun songs. On Saturday, Karan Johar posted an adorable reel of his twins Yash and Roohi as they hummed one of Gehraiyaan’s most popular song Doobey sweetly. What’s more, the kids even customised the song and sang Doogey instead of Doobey.

In the reel that Karan Johar shared on his Instagram, we could see the cute twins smiling at the camera. When Karan asked them, “One minute. What song are you singing?” The twins excitedly starting singing, ‘Haan Doogey’. Hilariously, their father rectified them and said, “Doogey no, it’s Doobey.” To this, the kids mischievously repeated their word again ‘Doogey.’ Finally, the two even sung the correct version. The video ended on a funny note as Yash asked his father to ‘take a chill pill’ and Karan ending the video with “You’re telling me to take a chill pill? Toodles to you!” Along with the clip, Karan wrote, “Please see what is happening!!!!” Fans and celebs alike couldn’t resist the cuteness and the reel immediately became viral.

Check the reel HERE

Shakun Batra’s directorial Gehraiyaan was released on Thursday as the makers of the movie surprised the audience with the film hitting the OTT platform hours before its release date. The movie opened to massively positive responses and all four protagonists – Deepika Padukone, Ananya Panday, Siddhant Chaturvedi, and Dhairya Karwa- have been received appreciation for their performances.

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