Karnataka Election: Will this bet of Congress in Karnataka prove to be a game changer? BJP also followed the same path – Karnataka Election: Congress And Bjp Have Not Yet Announced The Face Of The Chief Minister


Karnataka Election: Congress and BJP have not yet announced the face of the Chief Minister

Karnataka Election: Congress President and Rahul Gandhi brainstorming on the names of candidates in Karnataka
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The tussle between two strong-willed Congress leaders in Karnataka has given the party a ‘big opportunity’. This big opportunity has been given in the form of not declaring the face of the Chief Minister. In fact, political analysts believe that the ongoing tussle between Congress’s Siddaramaiah and State President DK Shivakumar, when the face of the Chief Minister will not be declared, then the Congress can take advantage of it in the form of caste equations. At the same time, this time the BJP has also announced to contest the elections in the name of Basavaraj Bommai by not declaring the Chief Minister’s face, but the election is being discussed in the name of ‘Modi vs Congress’ in the political corridors of Karnataka. At present, this time the political equation is also being made on behalf of both the big parties in such a way that not declaring the name is proving to be a profitable deal for both the parties.

Both parties did not announce their faces

As the date of elections in Karnataka is getting closer, the politics is also heating up. Right from the selection and announcement of the candidates, the entire political game has been laid in Karnataka. But the surprising thing is that till now BJP to Congress has not declared the face of the Chief Minister. Political experts of Karnataka say that by not doing so both the parties are taking political mileage. Political analyst and senior journalist Sudarshan says that the question arises as to why the face of the Chief Minister is not being announced by both the parties. Arguing this, he says that by not declaring the name, the Congress is trying to prove itself as the strongest in Karnataka politics on the basis of caste equations. They argue that Congress state president DK Shivakumar comes from the Vokkaliga community. While party bigwig and former chief minister Siddaramaiah is an OBC face and belongs to the Korba community.

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