Keke Palmer says her upcoming film on slavery left her feeling 'empowered'

Keke Palmer says her upcoming film on slavery left her feeling 'empowered'

Keke Palmer, in a recent interview with ET Canada, opened up about her experience on board her upcoming film, Alice. The movie follows the life of a slave, Alice, on the plantation grounds of 1800s Georgia. On escaping the farms, Alice finds out that she was living a lie and it is actually 1973 beyond the margins of the plantations. 

During the interview, the Scream Queens alum admitted that she “was initially kind of worried because, you know, this is a movie about slavery, what kind of energy is this gonna bring?” Palmer elaborated that most viewers now feel that movies on such issues leave them feeling “victimized.” She shared that Alice was a totally different experience for her and continued, “Yes, we’re visiting history, but we’re visiting it in a way that I felt I had growing up.”

The Pimp actress went on and added, “My parents talked to me about the trials and tribulations, but instead of making it seem sad, it made me feel resilient, it made me feel empowered, it made me feel proud of where I came from and made me that much more encouraged to fight in my own way.”

However, Palmer also mentioned that she wanted to be extra careful with this character “because of how complex it is, because of how sensitive it is,” she disclosed her thought process during filming and revealed, “I was doing everything I could to portray Alice in a way that would exemplify all these things — show her strengths but not just make her a stereotypical ‘strong Black woman’ and don’t allow her to have any other emotions or show any other complexities of how she’s trying to survive this situation.”

For those intrigued, Alice is directed by Krystin Ver Linden and is set to premiere on March 18, 2022.

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