Kelis On Beyoncé Removing Her Sample From Renaissance


I’m sure you saw everything that went down with Kelis and Beyoncé last week, right?

If not, Kelis basically called out Beyoncé for using a sample of “Milkshake” on the song “Energy” from Beyoncé’s new album Renaissance, saying she did so without her permission. She also spoke out against Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo of The Neptunes — who reportedly created and produced “Milkshake” — since they appeared to be the ones who cleared the sample.

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Kelis wrote that the “level of disrespect and utter ignorance of all 3 parties involved is astounding” and asserted that the song was not a “collaboration.” “It’s called thievery because the definition of collaboration means we are working together,” she continued. “There’s no working together if you are not checking in to see if everything’s cool.”

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While Beyoncé herself has not yet responded to the criticism, it’s been reported that she’s in the middle of updating the song to remove the sample.

After those reports, Kelis was chided and criticized by fans on social media. After one person called her a “cry baby” on Instagram and asked if she was finally “happy,” she wrote, “Yes I am actually. lol nobody cried.”

When another person wrote that they “would have just been happy to be on the album,” Kelis replied, “And that’s why you are you and thank God I am me lol.”

She was also seen saying that she would happily return to her cooking business after a fan made a shady comment saying that Kelis could go “back to BBQ sauce” now that the Beyoncé stuff is over.

Clearly, y’all aren’t breaking her soul today! You can see more of Kelis’s responses here.

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