Kelly Ripa Blacked Out During Sex With Mark Consuelos


Kelly Ripa once had an experience in the bedroom that was straight out of a soap opera.

In her new memoir, the talk show host revealed that she blacked out while having sex with her husband Mark Consuelos — and ended up in the hospital.

Kelly recounted the terrifying time, explaining that it all went down in the late ’90s, just a few months after she had given birth to her first child.

After passing out mid-intercourse, she came to in an ambulance and was dressed in such a bizarre outfit that she was sure she was having a nightmare.

The ‘fit in question? A 1980s-style French-cut leotard, red “fuck me” Manolo Blahniks and a pair of her husband’s oversized Juventus warm-up pants.

“Here is my husband, who is, dare I say, stylish, well-dressed at all times, and yet he dressed me like a dime store prostitute in my time of need,” Kelly wrote in Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories.

She continued, “It’s still baffling to me to this day that this is the best costume for the day that he could find for me, to the point where, when I was on the stretcher, I thought I was dreaming; I was having a nightmare. I didn’t realize I had come to.”

When she arrived at the hospital, Kelly found out that she was dealing with a pair of ovarian cysts that had caused her sudden black out.

And while the whole thing was quite the ordeal for her, she says Mark was almost too calm and collected throughout the experience.

“Sex can be so traumatic I think, and yet one of us is completely undaunted,” Kelly wrote.

She continued, “There he is, happily munching on the saltines now and ordering a second apple juice. Mark could be at a movie, or a spa. Instead, I’m flat on my back wondering when the other two cysts will burst.”

Thankfully, Kelly made a full recovery and now knows not to let her husband “pick [her] death clothes.”

Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories is available September 27.

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