Kid Cudi Talks About Entergalactic’s Black Love Story


THEN & NOW: Lastly, what are your thoughts on the fact that people of color remain underrepresented in animation?

Early on, I was like, I really want to tell a Black love story in animated space. That was really important for me because we have not seen that. You don’t really see Black love stories all that much on TV in general, live-action or animated. So it was really important for me. My Blackness would not allow me to not do this. I had a responsibility as a creator and as a Black man. I hope that all people can connect with the story, no matter what race they are. But I truly hope that Black people can see themselves in these characters and that this will add to the wave of Black entertainment that’s already out there right now. 

I would always sit back and watch Kenya Barris, Jordan Peele, and Issa Rae. And I’d think, Man, I want to be a part of that. I want to be spoken about in that group of Black creators. I think Entergalactic is definitely going to fit in with everything else that’s happening currently with innovative Black entertainment.

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