Kourtney Kardashian Called Out For Skincare Line


Kourtney Kardashian may be all about health and wellness, but it turns out there’s one thing she may be a little confused about.

This week, the reality star launched her first skincare product in collaboration between her lifestyle brand Poosh and startup AlkaGlam.

Their new Carbon Purifying Facial Mist is said to help “draw out dirt and excess oil as well as pH-balance all skin types while improving the appearance of skin.”

It’s created using a mix of minerals including zinc, grey tourmaline, silver, maifan stone, and magnesium as well as kaolin soil and activated carbon.

That may all sound good, but it turns out Kourt missed the memo on one important thing about the product.

“Your skin deserves minerals, not chemicals,” Kourtney wrote while promoting the product on Twitter.

@kourtneykardash / Via Twitter: @kourtneykardash

Except…minerals ARE chemicals — as minerals are made up of chemical elements.

And her followers were quick to point that out:

as someone who is currently doing their bachelors in chemistry, this shit hurt my brain i thought we left that “all chemicals are bad” behind in 2020. everything is chemical. accept it. https://t.co/hOUnKkByiU

@silverlouis91 / Via Twitter: @silverlouis91

Despite the criticism, Kourtney hasn’t seemed too bothered by the whole thing because she has yet to delete or edit the tweet.

As of now, Kourtney hasn’t issued a response either.

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