Lady Gaga Miami Concert Canceled Over Bad Weather


The tour kicked off overseas in July and concluded on Saturday in Miami — but unfortunately, the show got cut short due to bad weather.

NME reports that Gaga had made it up to the last six songs when the announcement was made. She told fans onstage: “I’m sorry that we can’t finish but I don’t want to put your life in danger and I don’t want to put our life in danger.”

“So thank you, get home safely, god bless you, and thank you for coming to the show,” she continued.

Twitter: @ladygaganownet

Gaga also addressed having to cancel the show on Instagram, saying through tears that while she wanted to finish the show, it was too dangerous to do so. “I know that for a really long time I’ve always wanted to be that, like, hardcore bad bitch, but what I really want is to be responsible and loving, and I don’t what I would do if anything happened to anybody in the audience or any member of my crew.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t finish the show. The lightening was being unpredictable and changing moment by moment, she added in a follow-up post.

“Look, for years, some of you have called me ‘mother monster,'” she continued. “In my heart, I knew it was better to keep you safe.”

Hope everyone got home safely!

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