Leftover Rotis? Make Yummy Roti Garlic Bites In 10 Minutes For A Flavourful Munch

Leftover Rotis? Make Yummy Roti Garlic Bites In 10 Minutes For A Flavourful Munch

Throughout the day, we get up in intervals and roam around the kitchen to find something to munch on. It could be biscuits, some namkeen, and if you are lucky enough, you may also find kachoris, samosas, masala mathris and whatnot. While there are many nibbles to munch on in between our meals, sometimes those everyday flavours get boring for our palate. So, what to do at that time? Well, we have just the solution! Here we bring you a recipe for some yummy roti garlic bites. This recipe is all things delicious and easy to make. If you have leftover rotis from last night, don’t throw them away; instead, turn them into these tasty bites.

In this quick snack recipe, all you need to do is cut the rotis into small triangular pieces and then make a mixture of garlic and spices to top it with. Then, simply bake till crisp and enjoy this. Sounds easy to make, right? Once you make these, you can pair them with any yoghurt-based dip to help balance the spicy flavours. Or you can simply have it with your evening tea or coffee. So, without waiting, let us check out how to make this delicious snack.

Roti Garlic Bites Recipe: Here’s How To Make Roti Garlic Bites

In this recipe, first, take a bowl and melt some butter in it. Then add chopped garlic, salt, pepper, red chilli and give it all a mix. Next, take the leftover rotis and cut them into small triangular pieces. Once they are ready, spread them on a baking tray. From the top, add the garlic and spice mixture. If you want, you can garnish with cheese as well. Now bake them till they are crisp like chips. Once done, let them come to room temperature and then have them with any side accompaniment!

For the full recipe of these roti garlic bites, click here.

Make this delicious and easy snack and enjoy it with your family! Let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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