Lil’ Baby & Girlfriend Jayda Cheaves Sparks Split Speculation With Shady Messages On Instagram

Lil’ Baby & Girlfriend Jayda Cheaves Sparks Split Speculation With Shady Messages On Instagram

Lil’ Baby and Jayda Cheaves’ on-again-off-again relationship seems to be off again after Jayda posted cryptic messages including, ‘everything comes to an end.’

Lil’ Baby and Jayda Cheaves are known for having a hot and cold relationship, and right now, things seem cold as ice. Jayda posted a slew of shady Instagram Stories and they were seemingly directed at her baby daddy. “I’m finally standing up,” she wrote on one story. She also hinted at making some sort of clean break in her life. “Everything comes to an end. Never force it,” Jayda wrote. “Be happy.”

After her drama was documented by The Shade Room, she doubled down on the sentiment in the comments section. “I’m fr y’all lmfao we ain’t gon talk about it,” Jayda wrote. “Y’all will see.” Moments later, she uploaded a clip from Empire in which Cookie Lyon tearfully says, “I gotta put me first.” Jayda added her own statement, writing, “I’m willing to X anybody out for my happiness and peace.”

It definitely sounds like someone did Jayda dirty and based on Lil’ Baby’s own social media activity, it seems like he may be the guilty party. “When a MF think they can play wit me,” he wrote on his Instagram Story. In case there was any confusion, Jayda directly responded to his story, writing, “Think they can play with you? LMFAO you played with me for 6 years straight.”

The two have been dating on and off for years now. Even though they share a three-year-old baby boy, Loyal Armani, the two are rarely on the same page. In fact, it was just in January that they led people to believe they were getting back together. As of December 2021, Jayda said she couldn’t see getting back together with him.

“He do love me,” she admitted while speaking with Hollywood Unlocked. But unfortunately, there are other factors involved aside from love. “It’s just a lot of damage as far as what has been done on social media, so once we can get over that part, I feel like maybe we could rekindle and rebuild another relationship,” Jayda continued. “But as far as right now, it’s so much damage publicly to just put a band-aid over something and say, ‘Ok, let’s just get back together.’ No.” At the current moment, it seems she’s still leaning towards not getting back with the “Do We Have A Problem?” rapper.

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