Lumenis SmoothGlo is the new Celeb trend so we tried it


Ryan’s feedback:

What I Loved:

• I truly think that SmoothGlo gave me an overall smoothed look to my face. Multiple friends told me that my skin looked great when they saw me. And I’m from Jersey, so we don’t really do fake compliments. 

• For me, it was relatively low pain.

• The treatments have also been super helpful in preventing breakouts on my forehead, where I used to get them. 

• SmoothGlo felt very modern. The machine isn’t some big, scary device where you have no clue what’s happening. The filter settings are amazing — it’s literally like applying your needs in the form of an iPhone filter.

• There is very little downtime. 

• You can get it while you’re getting injectables and Botox. During some of my sessions, I was fresh off getting filler and botox.

What I Didn’t Like:

• Rosacea doesn’t have a cure, so SmoothGlo wasn’t totally able to eradicate the redness in my cheeks, like I had hoped. It decreased it, but based on sun exposure, I still have it. However, Dr. Kung introduced me to this prescription cream called Rhofade, which constricts the blood vessels in the face, and thus improved my rosacea  

• The cost isn’t ideal in today’s economy, unless you have disposable income.

Final Thoughts:

•  If you’ve got the money and you’re looking to get a step-up from a facial or expensive new moisturize to prepare for a wedding or heavily photographed event, I’d recommend this treatment. I hope this post was helpful and informative, and feel free to DM me with questions about my SmoothGlo experience.

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