Machine Gun Kelly’s Tour Bus Vandalized, Laughs At Culprits


The incident took place Thursday morning, just hours before the rapper was scheduled to perform at CHI Health Center Omaha.

The unknown culprit(s) drew an ejaculating penis on one side of the tour bus and wrote the words, “Rap Devil F****t” on the other side. Before this occurred, MGK shared a video of his tour bus fleet headed to Omaha to his Instagram Stories.

He later updated fans on his whereabouts when the obscene act was taking place. “You’re so dumb,” MGK said on his Instagram Story.

“You spray painted a bus, thinking it was my bus. Wrong bus, you fucking idiot! Do the first part of the crime right.”

“I was by the buses till 4:30 in the morning, which means you waited till 5:00am to spray paint a dick.”

He couldn’t help but laugh, explaining that the person or people could’ve been home cuddling with their partner but they decided to commit this petty crime instead.

MGK went on to confirm that the images were “washed off” the bus before he could even see them. He also found it ironic that these people would never say these things to his face, but have the balls to spray it on his bus.

Ultimately, the “Emo Girl” singer seemed unfazed by it all. Besides, he has real fans to prepare for — get ready, Salt Lake City, Utah, MGK is coming for you!

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