Madhya Pradesh: First priest cell, now religion dialogue, will Congress get power in MP through Hindutva? – Madhya Pradesh: Pcc Unit Organizing Religious Programs Ahead Of Assembly Polls Its Meaning For Congress


Madhya Pradesh: pcc unit organizing religious programs ahead of assembly polls its meaning for congress

Kamal Nath


Assembly elections are to be held in Madhya Pradesh in November-December this year. Before this, the politics of the state has started heating up. Religion is also being used in this politics. A religious dialogue program was organized at the PCC headquarters on Sunday, for which the headquarters was decorated with saffron-coloured flags. On this, the war of words between BJP and Congress has also intensified. The BJP called the Congress an electoral Hindu. At the same time, while retaliating, the Congress asked whether saffron is the trademark of the BJP?

What is happening in the name of religion in the politics of Madhya Pradesh? What is the temple priest cell of Congress? What is the Ram Van Gaman Path that was announced by the Congress in the last election? Why is Congress on the path of BJP on the issue of Hindutva in MP? Let us know…