Megan Thee Stallion Opened Up About Her Mom’s Death


Holly, for those who might not know, was also a rapper named Holly-Wood, who became instrumental in helping Meg grow her craft and develop her as an artist.

After releasing her breakout single “Big Ole Freak,” Megan was just beginning to break into the mainstream music scene when, in March 2019, her mother died of brain cancer.

Now, three years later, Megan has opened up about the impact of that loss and how she’s been getting through it.

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“I really realize that my mom was driving the car for a long time,” she shared. “Like, I didn’t even have to think about too many things when my mama was with me. I feel like it’s just recently that it’s clicking to me like, who can I ask anything to?”

“‘Cause first of all, I still don’t want to put people in my business,” Megan continued. “Like, when I’m going through something personal, I’m like… I just gotta pray ’cause I don’t even know who I can ask. Like, who can I ask about this situation? And who do I trust?”

“When I would do something good, my mama could say, ‘Good job. That was good. We did that,'” she explained as tears began to well up. “I just trusted her so much and her opinion just meant so much to me. And I feel like when she would say I did a good job, it would feel like, OK I did that shit. I did a good job. But now when I do shit, it’s like… OK? Like, what’s next? ‘Cause I don’t know if I’m doing that good of a job.”

Co-hosts Nadeska Alexis and Ebro Darden then chimed in to tell Megan that she’s doing a “wonderful” job. “We’re not your mom and it’s not gonna mean the same, but you’re doing an excellent job, Megan,” Nadeska said, to which Megan replied through tears, “I’m trying.”

Yes, Megan, you’re doing amazing, sweetie — and I really mean that.

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