Naagin 6, 12 February 2022, Written Update: Chingistan plots against India

Naagin 6, 12 February 2022, Written Update: Chingistan plots against India

In today’s episode, 2 years ago (2019), the monks, sages, aghoris walk and wonder why they’ve been summoned by the professor. They go in and the professor tells them that he saw a shooting star while doing a calculation that summed up to 2020 and read in his book that whenever a shooting star comes, a pandemic is spread. He tells them that he went to Prachin Mandir and got all the answers and asks them to believe him as the attack is by an enemy country. 

In a small lab in Chingistan, they discuss how they want the countries to suffer, especially India. They tell India will suffer because of their new weapon- pandemic. On the other hand, no one believes the professor, and they leave. On New Year’s day of 2020, the people from Chingistan pour the liquid into India’s water bodies. Soon, many start getting sick. On 24th January, everyone goes to the professor and asks him what he saw when he opened the door of the temple. He tells he saw the photo of amrit-manthan. Everyone asks the professor how will they get help. He says only she can save them. Everyone asks who, and he tells sarvashreshth shesh naagin. They tell it’s difficult to lure her out. 

He tells them that she stays near Nilgiri Hills and he will lure her out. He then goes with sapheras to call her out. The building starts shaking and a hole opens. The ichhadari naagin comes out and prays to Lord Shiva. She turns and the professor rejoices. The professor tells her she needs to find the asurs and kill them. Pratha recites her dad’s dialogues and he asks her to read them with more intensity. She tells there’s no naagin in real-world so she can’t tell it realistically. Then, she seeks his blessings and leaves for work.

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