Naagin 6, 13 February 2022, Written Update: Shesh Naagin begins hunt for Asurs

Naagin 6, 13 February 2022, Written Update: Shesh Naagin begins hunt for Asurs

In today’s episode, Pratha saves Rishabh with the help of a trailing plant. Then they save his brother while Rishabh tries to recall if he had seen Pratha before. Shesh Naagin reaches to rescue them and offers a lift.

She recollects that the Professor has told her to visit Badarpur as there she will find the Asur (traitor) in a marriage ceremony. The Professor says they will get the remedy only after killing all the 20 Asurs. Rishabh and his brother convince Pratha to take a lift, and during the journey, the former asks Pratha if he saw her on Republic day. Pratha gets nervous and gets down from the jeep, thinking she might lose her job opportunities if Rishabh publishes the news that police interrogated her. Shesh Naagin asks them how they fell off the cliff, to which Rishabh’s brother says he saw a snake, but then it disappeared. Shesh Naagin hints that it might be a ‘Icchadhaari Naagin.’

Later, the Professor tells Shesh Naagin will get a clue to find the first Asur because it is a full moon night, and her ability to sense the evidence will be at its peak. Shesh Naagin gets into her Naagin avatar and finds that her first target is a man with a wooden leg. Elsewhere, Pratha goes to a marriage event to ask for a job and learns it is Rishabh’s wedding event. She gets the duty of a helper and takes Rishabh’s Sherwani to his room and finds him shirtless.

Furthermore, Rishabh’s brother flirts with Pratha while his fiance gets jealous and fires Pratha from her job. Shesh Naagin arrives at the wedding as senior security in-charge and finds the man with a wooden leg. The senior manager asks his assistant to send Pratha to his outhouse. Shesh Naagin enters the outhouse before Pratha. The manager calls her sexy and touches her inappropriately while Naagin confirms that he has a wooden leg. She reveals her real avatar, and Pratha gets a glimpse of it.

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