Naagin 6, 19 February 2022, Written Update: Rishab is determined to decode the message

Naagin 6, 19 February 2022, Written Update: Rishab is determined to decode the message

In today’s episode, the event co-ordinator keeps Pratha for the job. She goes to give him the sherwani and he wonders where he has seen her. Rishab thinks he needs to find out what the threat is in the given paper. Reem asks Rishab to give her some time and he tells they’re just friends so he can’t get romantic. Mehek enters the house as security head. Rishab wonders what’s Pratha doing here. Mehek releases snakes in the hall to identify the person who limps. Later, the minister goes to the room and Mehek follows him. She attacks him but Urvashi comes into the room, so Mehek leaves. 

Then, Rhea-Ritesh and Reem-Rishab exchange rings. Rishab thinks there’s something fishy about Pratha. He goes and asks her what she is doing. She tells she needs to make a call and he asks to whom. She tells him that it’s someone personal. Ritesh comes and gives her a power bank and she thanks him. Her bag falls down and Rishab recognises that bag and recalls that it’s the same one he saw on that lady. Later, Pratha calls Mayank. He tells he’ll come meet her but she says it’ll be a problem since she’s working. 

Seema worries as there’s no band available for the sangeet. Mehek tells she’ll take care of it. Then, everyone dances. Seema meets the Minister in his study. She tells him to fix the deal. He tells not everyone knows they’re business partners. Pratha asks Rishab for a few hours of leave and he agrees. Aanya tells Seema that there’s some problem with the accounts. Seema tells her to let her sons take care of the company. Seema stops Pratha from leaving and asks her to work. Later, Mehek attacks the Minister and asks who else is working with him. He points out towards the window and she sees Rishab.

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