National Girl Child Day EXCLUSIVE: Aly Goni, Vijayendra Kumeria, Somy Ali talk on changing scenario for girls

National Girl Child Day EXCLUSIVE: Aly Goni, Vijayendra Kumeria, Somy Ali talk on changing scenario for girls

Every year 24th January is celebrated as the National Girl Child Day. It is a day that voices against female foeticide, abandoning female babies, other atrocities against them and celebrates them. Unlike the situation in the past, it is seen that people are no more desperate about a boy, and are happy with girls being born. Many families welcome girls with much grandeur and they are equally valued. On this day, some popular actors have expressed their views.

Vijayendra Kumeria, who was last seen in Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha, shared with Pinkvilla Team, “The mentality of people has changed for the good. Boy or girl doesn’t really matter, and a large part of society has stopped differentiating between the both.  Boy or girl are both equal in every aspect of life, and I hope that the thought process of every person should be this. Gender equality is an accepted norm now. We have evolved considerably in thoughts, perception and mindset.”

Bigg Boss 14 fame Aly Goni said, “Boys and girls are equal and we as a nation have progressed. It’s just a matter of the mindset. Girls are doing everything that a boy can do be it career or home. In all fields you can see women doing quite well. Girls are as responsible as boys. In this new day and age both the genders deserve equal opportunities.” 

Actress and social activist Somy Ali shared, “I agree that many welcome a girl as they would do if a boy is born, but this is still a huge problem in the rural areas. Our society has not evolved to welcoming a girl child universally as of yet. I believe the majority who welcome a girl child are educated liberals or just generally good human beings. Yes, there is progression, but social workers must place their focus on the rural areas. There should be workshops held to educate individuals on the significance of welcoming a girl child and the emphasis of the healthy newborn whether it is a girl or a boy. Things are better, but not perfect. Given there has been improvement, I remain optimistic that there will be a day where every parent will welcome a girl child with the same enthusiasm as that of a boy.”

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