Neymar, what went wrong with Tite?


When Brazil It doesn’t take long for the shock and sadness in the country to be replaced by anger at the World Cup exit. A villain has to be appointed; Usually it’s the coach. And Tite is an easy target after not progressing past the quarterfinals in two consecutive tournaments.

The knives are extra sharp this time because of Tite’s conduct immediately after Friday’s penalty-shootout defeat against Croatia, No, he did not flee the scene, as his harshest critics allege. But after talking to some players, he went to the dressing room. Many would have loved to see him sharing the pain of his players on the field in the worst of times.

Expectations for Brazil are higher than elsewhere, but still Seleção They have lost in their first meeting with a European side in the knockout stage. And the winners are getting smaller. In 2018, it was belgium, with a population of less than 12 million. This time it was Croatia, which had less than four million. So where did the mistake happen?

The short answer is that the penalty was forced in a moment that was entirely unusual for a tit team – with a 1–0 team caught on the counterattack and within sight of the finish line, the game went to a shootout. sent for bruno petkovichGoal (Croatia’s only shot on target), which needed a deflection to get past the goalkeeper Alison,

The fatal move is being analyzed, analyzed and analyzed again; Pressure and overtime can do strange things to a team. Should they press high normally or leave it? What they shouldn’t have done is try to do both at the same time. Croatia made its move into the gap, where the midfielder could casemiro Should have been more judicious than trying to win the ball and getting the wrong side luka modric,

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Despite his great goal, Ale Moreno was not impressed with Neymar’s performance against Croatia.

But why did it get to this point, anyway? Why couldn’t Brazil dispatch Croatia much earlier than most people expected?

Injuries did not help – in two ways. First, they undermined one of the most interesting features of this Brazil side: the attacking press. Neymar was not 100%, playing within himself as he pulled off an ankle injury earlier in the tournament. yet the real problem was the striker richardson was clearly struggling. The Brazilian number 9 is the leader of the press and his Haring scored two goals in the last round South KoreaBut he had a thigh problem.

Brazil warmed up after five minutes, but kept Richardson on the field. was Gabriel Jesus Had it been available, it would certainly have been thrown earlier, but armory striker was yet another injury casualtyAnd so, without any other strikers capable of suppressing the opposition, Richardson sold on for just over an hour.

This was very important. This meant that Croatia could play with relative ease at the back and bring their formidable midfielders into play, from where they could spend a lot of time, if not threatening Brazil’s goal, at least setting the pace. were doing and running the clock down.

Another area where injuries played a role was at full-back. left back Alex Sandro was nowhere fit to start and only played the last 15 minutes, while his reserve alex tales Already out of the tournament. and so the first choice write-back DaniloNot 100% himself, moved to the left playing centre-back ader militao Filled bottom right.

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Ale Moreno gives his take on Tite’s approach that saw Brazil exit the World Cup quarter-finals again.

The ability to build from deep is crucial against a massive defense. Militão valiantly attempted to push his flank until he was exhausted, but the team missed out on Alex Sandro’s ability to appear as an element of surprise in the attacking line.

There is also a second question, broader and perhaps more interesting. Was the system of play adequate for the competition?

Over the past year and a half, Brazil has developed a way of playing with two wingers. Rafinha Immediately took up international football on the right flank; Vinicius Jr. The left back has matured into a global star and produced his best Brazilian performance to date in this tournament. And then, Richardson’s goal-scoring form over the past few months forced his inclusion at centre-forward. This collection of attacking talent took off in South Korea.

But Brazil found it tough in tough games. Has this formation made him lighter in midfield? This certainly seemed to be the case against Croatia when, without an offensive press, Brazil risked being outnumbered three to two in the central areas. And there was a problem in making moves. Before the emergence of wingers, the best aspect of Brazil’s attacking game was the link-up between Neymar and lucas paqueta,

But later those two were often too far apart to combine effectively. It is worth remembering that Neymar’s spectacular goal against Croatia was a special moment, both individually and collectively. rodrigo The Brazilian was thrown in to help play through the middle, and Neymar exchanged both with him and then – brilliantly – with Paqueta before going wide over the keeper and scoring. also answered the question which was being asked about his contribution to the cause. Had he spent more time closer to Paqueta, perhaps it would have been easier for Brazil to break down the opponent’s defence.

But despite the injuries, and with possible doubts about the team’s formation, Brazil did enough to overcome Croatia and move on to the semi-finals. A fatal loss of defensive focus and two missed penalties ended Tite’s reign two games back from what he would have preferred. He has a brutal departure.

For the second time his team was knocked out after the quarterfinals when they definitely deserved more. He knows he is getting a lot of criticism, but after the match he declared that he is calm in himself – and he should be. A pair of narrow necklaces can’t take away the impression that for more than six years he has steered the ship with competence and dignity.

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