Nora Fatehi Viral Video: While performing live in FIFA World Cup Nora Fatehi person did dirty act


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nora fatehi shocking video

New Delhi: Bollywood’s darling girl Nora Farehi’s dance fans are not only in the whole country but all over the world. That’s why now even international events remain incomplete without them. That’s why Nora recently performed live at FIFA World Cup 2022. From where many of his videos are going viral on social media. But one of these videos has also come to the fore, seeing which Nora’s fans have got very angry.

What is there in this video of Nora?

Whatever videos have surfaced, it is clearly visible that Nora had set the stage on fire in the FIFA World Cup. He gave a very strong performance. After which the entire stadium people were seen shouting Nora, Nora in praise of him. But in the video we are talking about, a man is seen touching Nora Fatehi strangely from behind during her performance. Now people are expressing their displeasure by calling it an abominable act.

Such comments came

Many fans of Nora Fatehi are expressing their displeasure on this person by sharing this video. Some are calling it an obscene act, while some have called it the result of the lack of organisers. On the other hand, some have said that this person should be punished.

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Why did the background dancer act like this?

Now if we look closely at the video, the man is seen dancing as a background dancer along with Nora performing at the festival. When she stops after performing a fiery dance on Saki Saki, he reaches out and touches Nora. In such a situation, some people are also saying that he must be fixing Nora’s dress or he must be setting Nora’s mike.

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