Olivia Wilde Responds To Don’t Worry Darling Drama


The entire cast may have only been at the film festival for a few days in total but pretty much everything they did made headlines.

But despite all the internet rumors, Olivia says she’s not letting anything get to her — or affect how she feels about the movie.

“No amount of internet bullying can cause me to question my belief in a movie made collectively by so many brilliant people,” Olivia said in a statement to Vanity Fair after the premiere.

She continued, “We worked too hard, and went through too much together, to be derailed by something that really has nothing to do with filmmaking.”

“Florence’s performance in this film is astounding,” Olivia said. “It’s just baffling to me that the media would rather focus on baseless rumors and gossip, thereby overshadowing her profound talent.”

She continued, “She deserves more than that. As does the movie, and everyone who worked so hard on it.”

Florence has still not spoken out about the drama — but she reportedly won’t be attending the film’s premiere in New York.

You can read all that Olivia had to say here.

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