Pakhi will take revenge from Anupama, Dimple will lose herself seeing the culprits caught by the police / anupamaa upcoming twist 30 november episode pakhi make plan against anupamaa latest tv news and gossips


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Anupamaa 30 November Episode: Viewers are very fond of the amazing twist in the TV serial ‘Anupamaa’. The story has completely changed after Pakhi’s marriage. Dimple is threatening the Shah family and the Kapadia family. The whole drama that started with Dimple is now leading to a fight between Vanraj and Anupama. In the upcoming episode, Vanraj will lash out at Anupama and say that it is wrong for her to complain against Dimple’s culprits as we are at risk and the police does not want to nab the culprits.

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In such a situation, as always, Anupama alone raises her voice against the wrong and says that no matter what happens, she will get Dimple’s culprits punished and for this, Anuj has also spoken to senior police officers. Meanwhile, Anupama gets a call from the police station and will leave Shah house after hearing it. On the other hand, Dimple tries to run away from the Kapadia family considering herself guilty of all this but Anupama and Anuj catch her. He explains to Dimple and tells that her culprits have been caught by the police.

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In the serial, to make Dimple happy, Anupama sings and dances with everyone. In the upcoming episode, Dimple will be shown meeting the culprits at the police station, after seeing the culprits, Dimple will get angry and will slap them hard in front of the police.

On the other hand, Pakhi will once again be seen angry with Anupama. She says that everything happened because of her mother, neither Anupama would have thrown her out of the house nor she would have had to book a cab. Pakhi feels that her mother Anupama wants her to do household chores as Anupama has done after being a maid for 26 years after marriage. Pakhi now blames Anupama for everything that happened to her and wants to take revenge on her.

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