Parineeti First Episode Review: Two BFFs, opposite personalities, one-common lover & complex destinies

Parineeti First Episode Review: Two BFFs, opposite personalities, one-common lover & complex destinies

Colors TV’s newly launched daily soap Parineeti hit the small screens today. The story based in North India, in a traditional Sikh family, revolves around two best friends Parineet and Neeti.

Parineet is the shy, simple in dramatic words the ‘bholi bhaali’ girl next door while Neeti is a daredevil girl living life on her terms. The first episode establishes both the characters pretty well and how Parineet is the giver and is completely selfless. Neeti on the other hand is a bubbly and chirpy girl who knows how to get things done with her street-smart personality. 

Parineet’s joint family is portrayed to be a conservative and orthodox family who still believes that girls shouldn’t be left alone out of their residential premises alone, given the current evil society around them.

Cut to an incident where the villain of the show lays his eyes on the pretty and simple Parineet and vows to get intimate with her and later marry her. He tries to molest her and make her uncomfortable by touching her wrongly. Parineet, like a typical damsel in distress rather than seeking help from her family, friends, or fighting it herself, keeps running away from him eventually to bump into him at every other place.

The episode ends with the villain spiking her drinking. Do Parineet and Neeti have their destinies to get entangled in the future? Does Parineet get physically molested by the villain? Or shall Neeti come to her rescue at the last minute? All of this remains unanswered in the first episode for the audience to keep intrigued.

The characters are pretty clear unlike the storyline in the first go. However, we didn’t find anything exceptionally different in the storyline. Two best friends, one shy and the other bold, further having their destinies complexed and how they stand for each other, face bumps in their friendship, etc, is something that all have seen either on Hindi TV or in Bollywood.

The cast includes Tanvi Dogra, Anchal Sahu, and Ankur Verma in the lead roles. The show is being made under the banner of Balaji Telefilms, produced by Ekta Kapoor.

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