Pete Davidson Looks Terrifying Covered In Fake Blood While Filming New Movie ‘The Home’

Pete Davidson Looks Terrifying Covered In Fake Blood While Filming New Movie ‘The Home’

The comedian took a scary turn for his upcoming horror movie while he was drenched with fake blood on set.

Don’t be scared! That’s just Pete DavidsonThe 28-year-old comedian was spotted soaked in fake blood while taking a break on-set for his upcoming horror flick The Home on Tuesday March 15. Even though his outfit might have been terrifying, Pete looked pretty content while he relaxed on the New Jersey set for the new movie. Despite being covered in blood, the comic seemed like he was in good spirits and even made a few funny faces in the new photos.

Pete flashed a thumbs up while on-set for ‘The Home.’ (Jose Perez / SplashNews)

The comedian’s outfit was all white, save for the blood spread all over the shirt and over his shaved head and hands. The Saturday Night Live star looked like he’d just had the fake blood dumped all over his head with the most blood all over his chest. He didn’t seem bothered by his scary new look, as he relaxed with a cigarette on-set. He also posed for the camera nad gave a silly thumbs up to a photographer on-set.

Details about The Home are sparse, and it doesn’t have a set release date yet. Pete is the only star (playing a character named Max) announced for the project so-far, but the movie is directed by The Purge writer and director James DeMonaco. “Follows Max, who realizes that the residents and caretakers on the retirement home he started working at hide sinister secrets,” the description said on IMDb.

The comedian smoked a cigarette while filming his new movie. (Jose Perez / SplashNews)

Pete’s appearance in the upcoming horror movie isn’t his first foray into the genre, as he also appeared in the recently premiered horror comedy Bodies Bodies Bodies. While being covered in fake blood gives The King of Staten Island star a scary touch, he’s had some alarming run-ins in his real life more recently. He most recently had texts leaked of a heated exchange he had with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s estranged husband Kanye  West.

Speaking of scary, a startling animation of Pete was featured in one of Kanye’s recent music videos for the song “Eazy,” that showed Kanye decapitating and burying the comedian. Kanye made an Instagram post seeming to defend the video by saying its art. Despite the jarring video, a source close to Pete revealed to HollywoodLife exclusively that he “wasn’t bothered” by it and thought it was “hilarious.”

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