Protesters run onto the pitch during the Portugal-Uruguay clash at the World Cup


Doha, Qatar – A protester carrying a pride flag entered the pitch Portugal‘s Victory above Uruguay on Monday before being led away by security staff.

The pitch invader, who briefly stopped the Group H match in the second half, was also wearing a T-shirt with the messages “Respect for Iranian women” and “Save Ukraine”.

Ruben Neves of Portugal said after the match, “We know what happened in this World Cup. It is normal to happen. Of course we are all with them. Iran too, because I saw their shirt. I hope ” Nothing happens to the boy because we understand his message and I think the whole world has also understood it.”

World Cup hosts Qatar have faced heavy criticism for their human rights record ahead of the tournament, with the lack of LGBTQ+ rights a regular flashpoint. including nation England, Germany And Netherlands Were prevented his captains from allowing After FIFA made it clear that players would face “sporting sanctions” for doing so, including receiving yellow cards, for wearing “Vanlove” anti-discrimination armbands.

belgium Were Order to remove the word “love” By the collar of his away shirt.

Qatar has said everyone is welcome, including LGBTQ+ fans, but visitors must respect the country’s culture.

Security has been tightened throughout the World Cup, with “flag and banner evaluation areas” set up at each stadium. wales The fans reported on their first game against United States of america that he was asked to remove the rainbow-colored bucket hat, although he was allowed through for his second game of the tournament Iran,

Germany stages its protest ahead of the World Cup cover their mouth during their team photo before their opening game against Japan,

Information from The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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