Rahul Gandhi: US MP Ro Khanna surrounded by supporting Rahul Gandhi, said – Do not spoil the image of my grandfather – Rahul Gandhi Row Usa Senator Ro Khanna Attacked For Supporting Congress Leader Indira Gandhi Emergency


Ro Khanna and Rahul Gandhi

Ro Khanna and Rahul Gandhi
– Photo: Social Media


Indian-American MP Ro Khanna has come under fire from social media users for supporting Rahul Gandhi. Let us tell you that Ro Khanna had expressed concern over Rahul Gandhi’s membership of Parliament and said that it is a betrayal of Gandhian ideology and Indian values. After this, social media users have targeted Ro Khanna. Please tell that Ro Khanna’s grandfather Amarnath Vidyalankar was a Congress leader and also served as a minister in Indira Gandhi’s government. Ro Khanna is being trolled on social media regarding this.

Ro Khanna came under target of social media users

One user tweeted, ‘It seems that Ro Khanna has forgotten that Amarnath Vidyalankar (his grandfather) was a leader of the Indian National Congress and was part of the government when the Indira Gandhi government imposed emergency in the country. . He did not oppose the excesses committed during the Emergency.

Film director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri wrote in a tweet, ‘Didn’t your grandfather support Indira Gandhi on Emergency? Hasn’t he always been in support of fascist decisions? After being surrounded on social media, Ro Khanna tweeted clarifying that ‘It is sad that people are tarnishing the image of my grandfather, who worked with Lala Lajpat Rai. He remained in jail till 31-32 and 41-45. He wrote two letters opposing Indira Gandhi’s decision of Emergency and left the Parliament soon after this decision. You can attack me but don’t target the leaders who fought for India’s freedom and facts are important.

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Ro Khanna supported Rahul Gandhi

Let us tell you that in a case of the year 2019, the court of Surat had sentenced Rahul Gandhi to two years on last Thursday, considering him guilty of defamation. After which, under the Representation of the People Act, there is a provision to cancel the membership of the people’s representatives who have been sentenced for two years or more than two years and Rahul Gandhi also lost his membership of the Parliament due to this law. Ro Khanna tweeted on this and wrote that ‘the cancellation of Rahul Gandhi’s parliament membership is a betrayal of Gandhian philosophy and Indian values. My grandfather didn’t spend years in jail for this. Ro Khanna tagged Prime Minister Modi and wrote that you have the power to reverse this decision and this should be done for Indian democracy.