Ricky Kej greets audience with a Namaste after winning his second Grammy

Ricky Kej greets audience with a Namaste after winning his second Grammy

Ricky Kej, an Indian composer, won his second Grammy at the 64th Grammy Awards, which were held at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Marquee Ballroom. Ricky Kej greeted the audience with a Namaste as he accepted the award alongside rock legend Stewart Copeland. For Divine Tides, he and The Police drummer Steward Copeland won the Grammy for Best New Age Album. He also posted on social media. Rocky Kej wrote on Instagram: “So grateful to have won the Grammy Award for our album Divine Tides. Absolutely love this living-legend standing next to me – Stewart Copeland. Love all of you too! This is my 2nd Grammy Award and Stewart’s 6th.”

Ricky Kej was born in the United States but now resides and works in Bengaluru. Ricky Kej posted a picture of himself from the dressing room before the Grammys, captioning it, “Almost ready for the Grammys.” Ricky Kej wrote a few days ago about being nominated for a Grammy, “With just over 10 days to go for the upcoming GRAMMY awards, a huge shout out to all my fellow artists and collaborators from around the world for being a part of this special journey with #DivineTides.”

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He received his first Grammy Award in 2015 for his album Winds of Samsara. He has been recognized by the United Nations as a Global Humanitarian Artist and is an active environmentalist. Stewart Copeland is the founder and drummer of The Police, a British rock band. Meanwhile, the music company Lahari Music released Divine Tides, which includes 9 songs and 8 music videos shot all over the world, from the Indian Himalayas to the forests of Spain.

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