Rishabh Pant Video: Rishabh Pant reached the stadium for the first time after the car accident, was seen walking with the help of a walking stick – Dc Vs Gt Ipl 2023 Rishabh Pant Appeared In Stadium For First Time After Car Accident Became Emotional


In the seventh match of the 16th season of IPL, defending champions Gujarat Titans are in front of Delhi Capitals. This match between the two teams is being played at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi. This match is special not only for the fans of Delhi but also for the fans of the Indian cricket team. Indian team star Rishabh Pant has reached the stadium for the first time after the car accident last year.

Pant was brought to the stadium in a car. He was pulled out of the car by two-three people with support. Pant then moved forward with the help of a walking stick.


At the end of December last year, his car collided with the divider. After this his car caught fire. However, Pant was able to get out of it. After the accident, he had to undergo several surgeries. He had a fracture in his leg. It will take time to recover. Pant is still able to walk with the help of some support.

After the surgery, Pant shared his photo and told about his recovery. He shared a video in which he was walking in the swimming pool with the help of a stick. Pant was the captain of Delhi Capitals. In his absence, David Warner has been given the command of the team. As a mark of respect to Pant, the Delhi team keeps his jersey in their dugout. This jersey remains in the dugout throughout the match.

DDCA Joint Secretary Rajan Manchanda had informed about Pant’s arrival in Gujarat and Delhi matches. He had told news agency ANI on Monday (April 3), “There is good news for our viewers tomorrow. Despite his injury, Rishabh Pant is coming to support his team. He is the star of Delhi. I hope the crowd will welcome him with a round of applause, because he is coming with his cricketers despite this kind of injury.”