Romance Tales: Ajith Kumar & Shalini's secret affair code to old school romance; The star couple's love story

Romance Tales: Ajith Kumar & Shalini's secret affair code to old school romance; The star couple's love story

It is said that marriages are made in heaven and celebrity couple Ajith Kumar and Shalini’s love story reignites our faith that fairytales do exist. This Kollywood couples love story strongly makes us believe that they were destined to be together. The respect and fondness that they have for each other makes us fall in love with them all over again. The maturity and being supportive of each other binds them together and their every photo speaks volumes about the same. 

Ajith and Shalini have set major relationship goals with their love story. Did you know they shared a code word during their secret love affair?  Today, let’s take a look at their mesmerising love story that is all about old school romance and how they managed to keep up their secret affair while shooting together for films. 

Sparks flew on the sets of Amarkalam in 1999: During one of the scenes in the film, Ajith had to pretend but by mistake, he ended up hurting Shalini’s wrist with a knife. He got worried and restless about her. Well, this was the start of one of Kollywood’s favourite love stories.

Destined to be together: Before Amarkalam happened, Shalini had rejected the film twice as she was preparing for her Grade 12 exams. But director Saran left no stone unturned to get her on board after Ajith assured Shalini that the shoot would kickstart only after her exams. In the meantime, Kaadhal Mannan had released in 1998 and Shalini was among the celebrities to attend the premiere of the film. Shalini recalling her meeting with Ajith at the premiere, in 2010 interview said, “I had gotten my hair curled. He shook my hand and said that curls didn’t suit me well. I was annoyed. Looking at my face, he immediately added ‘Please don’t take it in the wrong sense. The way your hair flew freely in Kadhalukku Mariyadhai looked really good.’ I liked the honesty with which he spoke.”

Secret affair code word: Did you know one of the most loved Kollywood couples managed to keep their affair a secret on the sets as well. They would avoid talking to each other. Actor Kunchacko Boban had shared an interesting story about them.  As per a report published by IndiaGlitz, Ajith used to call on Kunchacko’s number to connect with Shalini, the latter used to say “Sona, AK-47 Calling”. They shared an old school romance moments as they would talk secretly on phones during the shoot breaks. 


Shalini decided to quit films: At the peak of her career, one of the most celebrated child artists and successful heroines, Shalini decided to quit films to marry Ajith. Shalini thought she is not the one who can manage a home and her career together and was very clear about her priorities. 

Marriage: In 2000, they decided to enter wedlock. After speaking to her family, Shalini decided to tie the knot with the actor on April 24, 2000. The couple now has two children — Anoushka and Aadhik.


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