Samantha Ruth Prabhu told the biggest truth of her life the story of struggle to success exclusive interview Samantha Ruth Prabhu told the biggest truth of her life the story of struggle to success


Samantha Ruth Prabhu

In an exclusive interview with Samantha Ruth Prabhu, the actress opened up about what people often hide from her heart and shared her thoughts with Entertainment Editor Joyita Mitra Suvarna. How she battled myositis, why Samantha calls perfection a disease and how Samantha has fought her battle.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s current state of mind –

Samantha Ruth Prabhu says I think I am doing the best work of my life right now, I thought I am a weak person. It is the circumstances of my life that have led me to become such a strong person.

On personal life and struggle –
– My life has been full of ups and downs.
Somehow I have changed a lot in my life, I have become very strong now.
Samantha Ruth Prabhu says- When I came to know that I have an autoimmune disease, I only had 3 months for the diagnosis and I had no answers. I didn’t have the answer? What is happening, why am I so tired, why are needles pricking in my eyes, my eyes are not opening. I was upset, I was also getting angry, then I used to google that other people who are suffering from this disease may get some strength by looking at them. Those who have faced this situation then I should also tell my truth. I am fighting with myself, what pain I am going through in this battle, it is necessary to tell.

nothing is perfect –
Lifetime work is also less in the film industry, in such a situation, I was fighting a battle with a major disease. The disease that we all have… that they always have to be the same to be perfect… Life has to look perfect… They have to look perfect, Relationships have to be perfect, But this is true Not there. It should not be that I am the only one who is troubled by this disease, there are many people who are fighting this disease and trying to make other things perfect.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu describes herself as a spiritual person.
The actress says that sometimes what you think that this work can be unsuccessful, it is not necessary that it will always be unsuccessful, success may be near. You just have to know how to wait. I am a spiritual person so I believe in destiny I believe in Karma.

Upcoming Movie –
Samantha Ruth Prabhu is all set to be seen in the upcoming movie ‘Shakuntala’.

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