Sandeep Singh, Anand Pandit, Ravi Jadhav & Eros International Join Hands For The Magnum Opus ‘Bal Shivaji’

Sandeep Singh, Anand Pandit, Ravi Jadhav & Eros International Join Hands For The Magnum Opus ‘Bal Shivaji’

I have always admired the valor and grace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, but what has also fascinated me has been his growing-up years. Witnessing those moments on the big screen has surely gotten me excited, especially after the announcement of the magnum opus, Bal Shivaji. Today on the occasion of his 392nd birth anniversary, Eros International, Anand Pandit Motion Pictures, Ravi Jadhav Films, and Legend Studios announced the historical saga. The film will be helmed by the national award-winning director Ravi Jadhav.

Check out the film’s motion poster here:

The film will be focusing on the journey of Shivaji Maharaj from the ages of 12 to 16 years, highlighting the years that helped him lay the foundation of Swaraj. The film will be going on floors in June 2022. While Ravi wanted to make a film on this subject since 2015, things only materialized last year when Ravi met Sandeep Singh and narrated the story.

Talking about the film, director Ravi Jadhav said in a statement…

It took eight years of research to achieve what we were aiming to narrate on celluloid. It was an instant click with Sandeep, who understood the importance and significance of telling this story of valor. After all, it’s an ode to one of the greatest kings that have ever ruled in India, it certainly will be an inspiring film for all the youngsters across the globe.

Producer Sandeep Singh shares,

I always wanted to make a historical. So when Ravi approached me with this subject, it immediately worked for me. It’s an honor to make a film based on an iconic personality like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Bal Shivaji Poster (Source: Instgram | @officiallegendstudios)

Producer and CEO of Eros International, Pradeep Dwivedi says,

Shivaji Maharaj’s life story has been a part of every Indian’s growing up life. But after reading this script, we realized that there were so many lesser-known yet pivotal points in his formative years that made him the legend he became. With such a talented team in place, I am sure we will deliver an insightful and engaging film on a scale and grandeur of an international project.

Producer Anand Pandit added,

We have all grown up listening to the stories of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and as a filmmaker and an admirer of his heroism, I wanted to dive deep into the lesser-known aspects of his glorious life. And of course, a film of this scale would need a huge canvas so we are coming together to support each other to ensure that the grandeur and majesty of the protagonist as revered as Chhatrapati Shivaji can be done complete justice to.

Well, I am excited to witness this grandeur on the 70 mm, it will truly be a delight to experience this glorious story, looking forward!

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