Sara Ali Khan’s ‘Chaka Chak’ From ‘Atrangi Re’ Gets A New Twist By Tesher And It’s Addictive

Sara Ali Khan’s ‘Chaka Chak’ From ‘Atrangi Re’ Gets A New Twist By Tesher And It’s Addictive

Instagram reels have been the new fad that youngsters have been tripping on and what amazes me is how this social media space reinvents itself with new trends time and again. And it’s not just the fans, but even celebs who make use of reels to promote their films after which the craze only catches on. One such rage in the reel world that I remember of was actress Sara Ali Khan‘s Chaka Chak challenge for her latest film Atrangi Re. And while the trend was slowly fading out, Canadian musician Tesher kicked it back in with a new twist.

This Bollywood number happened to catch the musician’s attention and he was quick to spin it around with a super cool rendition. But before I show his rendition, let me remind you, Tesher is the guy who gave us the addictive and trendy reel track Jalebi Baby. While the Jalebi Bai rendition made him an overnight sensation, the Chakak Chak rendition is also bringing some amazing fans reels coming his way.

Check out Tesher’s rendition of Chaka Chak here:

Earlier this month, Tesher had spoken about this rendition on social media, he had said,

Been working day and night finishing new records but I’ve been so addicted to this Chaka Chak song I had to make a quick mix to finally get it out of my system.

Now that this song has picked up, there is a viral Instagram trend we are welcoming February with.

Check out some of the fan reels here:

Amazing, right? Well, I too am tempted to create a reel with the Tesher version, now.

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