Sarah Michelle Gellar Didn’t Like Cruel Intentions Reboot


Sarah was set to reprise her role as Kathryn Merteuil as she competed for her family’s business, 17 years after the conclusion of the film.

But Sarah says from the very first day of filming, she knew the series wasn’t going to work out.

“That was a whole crazy time. Nothing against NBC, but Cruel Intentions is straight streaming,” Sarah said in an interview with The New York Times.

She continued, “On the first day, I was like, ‘This isn’t working.’ It’s just not a network show. And if it is a network show, it’s not my Cruel Intentions.”

In the end, NBC decided to pass on the reboot and Sarah admits she was relieved.

“I was actually grateful,” Sarah concluded.

While the series didn’t work out, IMDb TV is now working on reboot of the film based on the novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Choderlos de Laclos. No word on when it will premiere.

You can read all that Sarah had to say here.

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