Shark Tank India: 5 times BharatPe co-founder Ashneer Grover lost his cool on the show

Shark Tank India: 5 times BharatPe co-founder Ashneer Grover lost his cool on the show

Ever since Shark Tank India has aired, the business reality show took the Internet by storm and created a buzz. Overnight, this Indian version of American business reality show became a hot topic and everyone was seen talking about it. The show’s theme is based on the participation of aspiring entrepreneurs from India who pitch their business models to a panel of investors or judges and persuade them to invest money in their idea. It would not be wrong his saying the show became fans’ favourite in no time.

One of these investors is Ashneer Grover, founder of BharatPe who grabbed everyone’s attention because of his strong point of view and angry attitude. His volcanic temper in the show became the talk of the town. Everybody on social media is talking about his angriest moments and the Internet is flooded with the memes of his angry moments. As Shark Tank India is going to end on February 04, let us look at some of his angriest moments that took the Internet by storm and created a buzz.

1. When Ashneer told a Delhi-based pitcher that “4 patriwalo se saman utha ke yahan rakh diya hai”

A Delhi-based pitcher went on the show to ask for equity. However, Shark Ashneer Grover was not much impressed by their idea. In angst, he told them, “Ye aadha design mujhe Janpath ka lag raha hai. Aadha Rajouri ho gaya. Thoda sa Sarojini utha lo. Thoda GK ho gaya. Aapne 4 patriwalo se utha ke ye saman rakh diya…Koi Sarojini Nagar wale Pappu bhaiya ka naam laga do tab bhi bik jayega.”

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2. When Ashneer called out a pitcher for “double standards”

Once Ashneer Grover burst out at a pitcher and said, “Yeh sab doglapan hai. Main tera doglapan utarta hu.” He also asked the pitcher if he has come for help or here to choose the investor. He also told the pitcher that he is out and also asked him to take the money from others.

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3. When angry Ashneer told a pitcher to “go find a job”

Ashneer told a pitcher that he would not be able to start a business and instead should go and find a job. During the one-on-one session, he said, “Apni problem hi nahi solve kar paa raha hai tu dusro ki problems kya solve karega…Bhai tu pehle naukri dhundh. Tereko samajhna padega ki dhandha hota kaise hai.”

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4. When Ashneer told a pitcher that “he has wasted his degree”

Shark Ashneer got angry at a pitcher and told him that he wasted his degree. He said, “Kya bana raha hai tu ye? Nehru Place ki patri pe milta hai ye ₹15 ka. Tune kisi ki seat barbad kari hai Germany ki University pe. Tu apni degree waste kar raha hai.”

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5. When Ashneer asked a pitcher “why he is wasting his time”

Once Ashneer burst out at a pitcher and asked him why he is wasting his time with the business. He said, “Bahot hi ganda fashion hai ye. Mereko lagta hai aap band kar do. Aap kyun apna time waste kar rahe ho?”

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Tell us which one of these angriest moments sacred you the most in the comments?

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