Should Canada have been awarded three VAR penalties against Belgium?


We’re analyzing every VAR decision made in all 64 games Feather 2022 world cup, find out why Canada Received only one of three possible VAR penalties belgium,

After each game, we take a look at key events to examine and explain the process in the context of VAR protocol and the Laws of the Game.

– Full review of World Cup VAR: analyzed every decision

VAR reversal: penalty for handball by Carrasco

What happened: Tajan BuchananK’s shot was blocked in the eighth minute. Yannick Carrasco, Canada The player appealed for a straight penalty but play continued.

VAR Decision: fine, missed Alphonso Davis,

VAR Review: VAR, Simple decision for Juan Soto of Venezuela.

Carrasco’s arm was away from his body and obstructed the goal, and in the modern game such an incident is revered as a handball.

belgium The player was booked, with the offense being given an automatic caution.

Possible penalty: foul on Buchanan by Vertonghen

What happened: Buchanan in the 13th minute jan vertonghenBut the flag went up for offside.

VAR Decision: No penalty.

VAR Review: An awkward situation, as the assistant got the offside completely wrong. the ball was actually sent back towards his own goal by Eden Hazard, and not by a Canadian player, so there was no potential offside offence. However, Zambian referee Jenny Sikazwe spotted a possible foul by Vertonghen before blowing his whistle to stop play, so a VAR review for the penalty was still possible.

A replay showed that Vertonghen got a toe on the ball before Buchanan could catch it, which is absolutely crucial in determining whether the decision goes for VAR review. Without that touch, the offside would have been canceled and Canada would have been penalised.

Possible penalty: Foul by Witsel on Larrea

What happened: shortly before half time Richie Larrea side by side with Belgium entered the field axel witsel and went down claiming the penalty.

VAR Decision: No penalty.

VAR Review: This kind of decision which is best left to the on-field referee rather than VAR.

While Laryea has certainly been approached by Witsel, it is not by posing a challenge. This does not rule out the possibility of a penalty, but it would not be seen as a clear and obvious error by the referee not to award one with players running into each other.

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