singer hannah spearritt reveal secrets of her struggle life now she is homeless her story make you cry


Hannah Spearritt

Hollywood pop singer Hannah Spirit, who found fame as part of the British pop group S Club 7. Hannah Spearritt revealed she is now homeless and forced to sleep in an office with her two young children. The 41-year-old singer revealed in an interview that she lost her home before Christmas. Since then she has to stay with her husband and children sometimes at friends house and sometimes in office. Singer also said that people think that she is a millionaire, but it is not true because she is struggling.

Desperation has forced Spirit to ask for favors from friends. Hannah Spearritt, 41, has two daughters, Tee and Tora. Their elder daughter is four years old and the younger one is two years old. Singer is married to fitness trainer Adam Thomas. Hannah has been a part of the famous band S Club 7 in the 90s, she earned 50 million pounds i.e. around 5 crore rupees as a brand. However, the singer says that despite his band earning crores, he was paid less.

Hollywood pop singer Hannah Spearritt was living with her family in a rented house in London. His landlord evicted him with short notice and sold the house. Now Singer has no place to live. Hollywood pop singer Hannah says she doesn’t want to spend a huge amount on renting a house. Because of this, she is sometimes staying at friends’ office and sometimes at some other place. Singer has been troubled for the past six months and is yet to find a home.

Now Hannah Spearritt is trying to open her cafe and restart her career. In addition to the struggle, Spirit has recently been dealing with an illness – which has made his current life situation even more difficult.

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