SNL Adam Levine And Armie Hammer Texts Skit


The goal of the show was easy — respond to a hypothetical DM in a normal way. Obviously, this was spoofing Armie and Adam’s infamous texting scandals.

For those of you who don’t know, Armie Hammer faced backlash, allegations, and was removed from movie roles after his disturbing cannibalism texts were leaked. And Adam Levine faced accusations of infidelity when his texts were recently leaked by an Instagram model.

When it was Adam’s turn to respond to a fan who said they loved his music, Adam failed because he sent the following messages:

Next was Armie Hammer, who first asked for a round of applause for his “return to Hollywood” — to which Miles, as the host, responded:

Armie then also failed his DM prompt when he responded to a fan asking, “How are you?” like this:

So yeah. The skit was a lot. You can watch the full thing here.

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