Sonam Bajwa: Sonam Bajwa’s craze crossed the border, the actress was surprised to see a tattoo of her name in Pak Fan’s hand – Sonam Bajwa Pakistani Fan Made Punjabi Actress Name Tattoo On Body This Is How She Reacted Left Surprised


Sonam Bajwa

Sonam Bajwa
– Photo: social media


Sonam Bajwa, the bona fide actress and singer of the Punjabi film industry, rules everyone’s heart. With her acting, singing and beauty, she has made millions of people crazy across the country. Sonam’s fans often do something or the other to surprise the actress. In this sequence, Sonam Bajwa was recently given such a surprise by one of her fans, seeing which she could not believe her eyes. The amazing thing is that this fan of Sonam is not from India but from across the border. It is clear that the fan following of this actress of Punjabi film industry has reached even to the neighboring country of Pakistan.