Soul Food Movie Characters Ranking List


In case you need receipts, here’s a list of things Teri paid for: Bird’s wedding, Bird’s salon, Big Mama’s utilities, Big Mama’s medical bills, some of Miles’s music label start-up costs, the list goes on. I’m on Teri’s side when it comes to her acronym ATM: automatically Teri’s money because her family drained her bank account and still treated her like trash. SMH. She was a successful Black lawyer going for partner, and I felt she had every right to let everyone know she paid for everything because she did! Period. I also don’t blame her for calling Blimp to teach Lem a lesson. It was a necessary thing after he stormed into Bird’s salon, knocking things over and pushing people. After all her family put her through, bearing the pressure of being the oldest and constantly being reminded of how her sister ran off with her ex, it’s a wonder Teri stuck around to finance their endeavors. JS.

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