Spy Balloon: What intelligence did China’s spy balloon collect? Pentagon gave this answer – Chinese Spy Balloon What Intel Information Gather Usa Pentagon Still Assessing Says Sabrina Singh


chinese spy balloon what intel information gather usa pentagon still assessing says sabrina singh

American soldiers extracting a spy balloon from the sea
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In the past, a Chinese spy balloon was seen in the sky of America, which was later targeted and shot down by America. The US had alleged that China was gathering intelligence with the help of this balloon. Now when Pentagon press secretary Sabrina Singh was asked about that spy balloon, she has told that the US is still investigating what intelligence was actually gathered by China’s spy balloon? Let us tell you that a media report has claimed that China’s spy balloon has spied some military places in America. In response to the same, the press secretary of the Pentagon said these things.

what did sabrina singh say

Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh told reports that ‘the current situation is that we are still reviewing what information China actually gathered from the spy balloon. However, we know that the information they can get from satellites, they must have got a little more information from spy balloons. According to media reports, a former senior US official told that ‘China was able to operate spy balloons in the air, so it may have done more monitoring in some places. The balloon was fitted with electronic signals and was able to send real time information to Beijing with the help of those signals.

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What is the matter of spying with balloons

Let us tell you that on January 28, a spy balloon from the US state of Alaska had entered US airspace. After this he passed through many states of America. During this, he also flew over many sensitive military bases in America. Including the military base in Montana, where America’s nuclear weapons are stationed. After this, on February 4, this balloon was targeted and dropped by America in the Atlantic sea, from where its remains were recovered.

According to reports, China’s spy balloons may have collected only electronic signals emanating from weapons and communication systems. Spy balloon parts recovered from the ocean are being inspected by the FBI. The Pentagon’s press secretary also said that they have taken several steps to prevent spying of intelligence information, so that this type of incident can be avoided in the future. It is noteworthy that after the espionage scandal, relations between America and China have soured. Since China has outrightly rejected the allegations of espionage from the balloon.