‘Stay at home’ if you can’t support the team


Doha, Qatar — Iran Coach Carlos Queiroz has told the country’s fans to “stay at home” if they cannot support the team 6-2 loss on Monday To England,

Several members of the Iran team have received criticism leading up to the tournament for not speaking out openly against the country’s government amid nationwide protests, and players were jeered by their own fans during the Group B opener.

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On Monday, all 11 players took a different stand, choosing not to sing the country’s national anthem before kicking off at the Khalifa International Stadium in a perceived show of support for protesters in Iran, a situation sparked by the death two months ago. It was done. Mahsa Amini, 22, in ‘morality police custody’.

Amini’s death after being arrested in Tehran over an alleged breach of the Islamic republic’s dress code and nationwide outrage left Iran’s team in the middle of a political storm as the World Cup began in Qatar.

Queiroz, who managed Iran to two World Cups during an initial eight-year stint between 2011 and 2019 before returning earlier this year, said after the game: “In 2014, 2018, we had full support from the fans. And now you see what happened today.

“So it is my duty to invite the fans who are already here to support the team or they should stay at home. Why did they come here against the team. We don’t need them,” he added.

“It is much better that they stay at home. For fans who only support the team when we are winning, we do not need them. It is something the players can feel while playing.”

Queiroz later tried to clarify those initial comments at the post-match news conference, saying: “When I comment about Iranians, of course all Iranians are welcome in the stadium. They should be happy.” Or criticize the team.” that is not a problem.

“People who come to trouble the team with issues that are not just football opinions are not welcome because our boys are just ordinary football boys.

“They represent a country. I had the privilege of working in England, Portugal, many places and I know the passion of the game in England, Portugal, Spain and Brazil. Iran is not a fake football country that you have to make needed.” Fake Situations.

“The passion for football is everywhere. These kids have one dream: to play football. It is not their fault that the World Cup is happening at this very moment.

“You can’t even imagine behind the scenes what these kids have been doing for the last few days because they want to play football, just because they want to express themselves as footballers.

“Whatever they do, whatever they say, they want to kill them. Can you imagine at a stage in your life that whatever you say or do or think, you are killed? He has only one hope. Let him represent the country, play for him.” The people, everyone represents the people here.”

Gabriel Tan of ESPN FC contributed to this report.

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