Taylor Swift VMA Dress Was An Easter Egg


As we all know — or should know — Taylor Swift‘s tenth studio album Midnights is dropping on October 21.

Leading up to the release, Taylor has launched Midnights Mayhem with Me, a TikTok series where she reveals the name of a track at, yup, midnight.

My dark cirlces don’t appreciate it, but it’s what comes with being a devout Swiftie.

Anyway, Taylor released the latest episode last night and revealed TRACK 9!!!!

Besides being an already iconic name, “Bejeweled” joins some of Taylor’s literal best tracks ever (Track 9’ers):

bejeweled joining coney island, this is me trying, cornelia street, getaway car, wildest dreams, enchanted, you’re not sorry and should’ve said no in the track 9 excellence i’m shaking

Twitter: @fancysnaake

But “Bejeweled” — as some Swifties pointed out — was actually believed to be hinted at with Taylor’s VMAs lewk:

Gotham / WireImage / Getty / Via @fancysnaake / Twitter: @fancysnaake

You can preorder Midnights here for clear skin.

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